Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spotlight 4-16-2009

If you hear the sounds of music in the hills of Hurricane, Utah you can only guess it is from our amazing music teacher at Diamond Ranch Academy, Geoff Meyers, who is willing and proud to share his gift of music with the students who attend there.

Geoff Meyers was born and raised in Long Island, New York. One unique thing about Geoff, he has an identical twin bother that lives in Northern Utah. You can tell the difference between the two of them if you asked his brother to play a music piece; he won’t be able to, as he focused his learning toward computers. From the beginning Geoff was exposed to all types of culture. He has had to opportunity to see many different entertainers and artists perform live, attend the Radio City Music Hall, and even played in its broadcasting studio.
His education began at Brigham Young University, where he obtained a bachelors degree in Music, he then traveled east to pursue a Masters degree in Music at Notre Dame, and finally ended up on the west coast at Stanford for a doctoral studies. We are very fortunate to have such a well versed music teacher in our midst.

While attending Stanford, Geoff met his wife Connie, of 20 years. Together they have two children, a girl, 17, and boy, 11. They moved to St. George originally with the idea they would just “house sit” for Connie’s parents, and here they have stayed 16 years later. Before coming to Diamond Ranch Academy, Geoff worked as a music teacher at Redrock School, and at the Trinity Lutheran School. He is still the organist for the School. He is an adjunct professor at Dixie State College where he teaches the organ. He has also taught at Southern Utah University.

In his spare time, Geoff enjoys playing the organ, keyboard, and computer music. He loves to ride his bike and swim. He enjoys putting on monthly recitals at the Tabernacle, and during Christmas time he plays for nearly 40 to 45 separate events. He is a blue/white personality which makes him an amazing music performer. He appears humble and then attacks his piece of music, surprising the audiences. He is an outgoing person who makes friends easily. Geoff enjoys working at Diamond Ranch Academy to help young people have what often times might be there first exposure to different styles of music. He loves to help teenagers become interested in all sorts of music. He believes in teams, which makes him a great fit for our team here at Diamond Ranch Academy.

Bo Iverson is Geoff’s direct supervisor; he had the following comments to make about him:

Mr. Meyers has been a great addition to the Diamond Ranch Academy team. It is always great to find someone that has a passion as great as Mr. Meyer's does for teaching what he loves. His tremendous musical talent and variety of teaching experience has made him a great fit for Diamond Ranch Academy. We are fortunate to have such a great talent and individual working with our students on a daily basis.

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