Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spotlight 4-21-2009

This weeks spotlight was born in the small town of Thatcher Arizona, moved to Idaho, and raised in St. George, Utah all to become Diamond Ranch Academy’s daytime Assistant Program Director over Stone Ridge. Travis Bentley our “jack of all trades, and master of none”, has proven to be invaluable here at Diamond Ranch Academy. He has a great sense of humor so we can tease him a little.

Travis is one of our “professional students”, he has obtained an Associates in Science from Dixie State College, and is “slowly but surely” completing his Bachelors degree in Psychology from Southern Utah University. He has served a 2 year LDS mission in Oklahoma, where he gained much leadership experience, and has since held many management positions.

Travis has been to all but 6 of the states. He also recently has been involved in helping aspiring musicians get connected with producers. He and his father have spent some time in Nashville working with producers (including LeAnn Rimes and Trick Pony's producers) and various writers and have taken an active part since in helping musicians get noticed and get signed.

Travis also loves sports, especially baseball. He played middle infield in high school. He enjoys hunting and fishing and anything outdoors. He loves to ride his motorcycle and can play the guitar. He has a real love for music.

Travis feels his current position here at Diamond Ranch Academy has been very rewarding. He said he loves helping the youth, and seeing the positive changes they make in their lives. Each day there are new challenges, and there's nothing more rewarding to him than being a part of the kid's lives and seeing the progress each student makes and the confidence they gain when they make positive changes.

Ricky Dias is Travis’s direct supervisor. He wrote the following words about Travis:

Travis has been at diamond ranch academy for quite a while. He has been a HYDS, night time APD and a daytime APD. He is a very fast learner and has excelled in every situation that we have put him in. When you ask Travis to get something done he never complains and has it done before you expected. He has a great sense of humor and brings a lot of laughs to the office. He works great with the youth and has built a great rapport with those that he comes in contact with. I feel very luck to have such an incredible assistant!

We are lucky to have Travis on our team!

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