Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spotlight 4-23-2009

Shaley Spizenberger is one of Diamond Ranch Academy’s Staff Supervisors. She said, “working at here is like being paid to do something I would volunteer to do.” That is the caliber of employees Diamond Ranch Academy is fortunate to have.

Shaley was raised in North Ogden, Utah. In the 6th grade she took 2nd place in the State Spelling Bee. In high school, she traded those spelling skills for athletics. She played both basketball and volleyball. Shaley still enjoys playing those sports when she gets the chance. Shaley loves to work out and stay in shape and is the type of person who is willing to try anything.

Shaley is one of our newlyweds here on campus. She married Howard Spizenberger on December 26, 2008, in St. Paul Minnesota. Shaley met Howard on the Dixie State College campus, playing ultimate frisbee. Howard literally ran into Shaley while they were playing, and knocked her down. When the game was over, Shaley said, “how about you walk two beautiful ladies home?” Howard made the right decision and escorted her and her friend home. This led to studying together, which quickly led to falling in love.

Shaley is a white/blue personality. She said she is able to stay calm in escalated situations at the ranch, especially working with the girls. If the girls see her staying calm, they are more likely to stay that way themselves. What a great addition to our team!

Cody Wardle is her supervisor; he had the following comments to say about her:
Shaley is a Shift Supervisor at Diamond Ranch Academy and has been very positive in her interactions with the girls. She seems very confident and calm in her approach. At Diamond Ranch Academy we look to hire staff who are proactive, educated, and who are willing to continue to learn. Shaley fits the mold very well. She is someone that has made significant contributions in a seemingly short time. Thanks Shaley for all that you do to help the girls to become better. You’re a great example!

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