Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kade Mathews Employee Spotlight

Kade Mathews is Diamond Ranch Academy’s Assistant Clinical Director. His yellow/blue (personality color) makes him a favored therapist. He brings humor and ease to his students, a fun loving attitude, and care and concern for his students.

Kade grew up in Orem, Utah. He has one brother and two sisters. Many people do not know that Kade speaks fluent Spanish; it’s one of his hidden talents. He married his wife Mary almost 9 years ago. They have two boys, Kellin, age 4, and Ethan, age 2. They have lived in St.George for three years. Kade loves being a dad; he said one of his favorite things is to hang out with his boys. In his spare time he loves to watch movies, particularly drama and action films. He is a sports fan, plays the guitar, and uniquely enough, he enjoys clay sculpting (hmmm, is this true?) He has broken his nose 4 times in his life, maybe it was while clay sculpting, it’s a pretty dangerous hobby.

Kade obtained his bachelors degree from Utah Valley State College (now Utah Valley University). He then studied at the University of Utah to receive his Masters in Social Work. Kade said he never imagined himself going that far in school, but his is so happy he did. He loves working with families, and the students. His areas of expertise range from trauma, adolescents, drug and alcohol, and play therapy. Kade enjoys Diamond Ranch Academy for it’s team approach, and loves his co-workers.

His supervisor, Ephraim Hanks, added the following comments about Kade: Kade has been with the ranch for 3 years and is the Assistant Clinical Director. He is very dedicated and reliable. His gifts include his ability to make anyone feel comfortable and his sense of humor. Kade is a yellow and knows how to have fun. Kade is loved by his students. I appreciate Kade’s work ethic and attention to detail. “We’re lucky to have you Kade!”

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