Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tayleigh Hann Spotlight

Tayleigh Hann has been with Diamond Ranch Academy for 3 years. She has worked her way up to the Daytime Assistant Program Director over the girls’ campus. Her supervisor Cody Wardle has been very impressed with her work. He wrote the following words about her: Tayleigh has a very kind way of working with the girls. In her time at Diamond Ranch Academy she has come to be known as someone who is very fair and consistent. She has also been able to reach girls, which others have not been able to. She provides calm and understanding leadership. She is someone that is easily admired and is often a featured speaker at graduations. I am glad that Tayleigh is so consistent with the students. She has always maintained a professional caring boundary with the students. This has allowed her to be a very effective and valuable employee.

Tayleigh came to us from Palmer, Alaska. She attended Brigham Young University/Idaho where she received her Bachelors degree in communication. In between those years, she served an LDS Spanish speaking mission in California.

Tayleigh loves sports! She is the girls’ softball coach, and plays as well. She also enjoys volleyball, hiking, racquetball, and hanging out around a campfire. Tayleigh is a yellow personality color, which makes her fun to be around. The girls love her because she makes the job fun and is not easily stressed. One of her strengths is that she is excellent at resolving conflicts. Diamond Ranch Academy benefits from having a person like Tayleigh working with them.

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