Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jessica Clark

When we hired Jessica Clark we found the literal diamond in the rough for Diamond Ranch Academy. She was hired last July as an Administrative Assistant for the Clinical team and has proven her worth. She came to us fresh out of school. Jessica attended Southern Utah University where she obtained a Bachelors degree in Psychology. There she graduated Suma Cum Laude and was voted the outstanding scholar among her peers. Jessica put herself through school and was employed at SkyWest during that time Jessica also attended Dixie State College for her Associates degree. She is a native to Southern Utah. She grew up in St George and attended Pine View High School.

Jessica is a Blue/White on the color code. She has absolutely no red or yellow in her. We know she laughs and jokes, but her very first priority is to do the best job possible for Diamond Ranch Academy and specifically the Clinical department. Her job is one where she needs to be very detailed oriented and self motivated. Jessica has proven to not only get her job done, but to go the extra mile. Her blue allows her to be conscience of her daily tasks and committed to her work while her white permits her to have a compassionate heart and kindness for the students.

Jessica loves working at Diamond Ranch Academy. She loves her Clinical team and thinks everyone is funny and easy to work with. They really make her feel a part of the group. She loves the parents, students, and especially her work. It shows in a person’s performance how much they enjoy their work, and for how much time and commitment we get from Jessica, she must really love her job.

Jessica is married to Jeff Clark. They have been married for 5 years and are the proud parents of two dogs, Denver and Cheyenne. Jessica loves to hang out with her husband and her family. She plays golf, loves to read, shop, and work around her house. She is a really picky eater, which, if you know her, is not surprising, but we can get her to eat chicken.

Ephraim Hanks had the following supervisor comments to make about Jessica:
Jessica is the glue that holds the Clinical Department together. We are so lucky to have her. She is consistent, reliable, and thorough in her responsibilities and keeps us grounded in department meetings when our collective sense of humor side tracks us. Jessica is an integral part of what we do in the Clinical Department. Thanks Jess!!