Monday, October 19, 2009

Diamond Ranch Academy Equine Specialist Spotlight

Gary Ferguson is a good ol’ Lehi Pioneer. He grew up a true cowboy and can even do what the students at Diamond Ranch Academy call, “The Cowboy Shuffle”. Gary will challenge our students to a foot race and he can speed walk (shuffle) faster than the students can run. Gary said he has enjoyed his job at Diamond Ranch Academy more than he has any other job.

Gary is Diamond Ranch Academy’s career’s teacher and equine specialist. Gary has two Bachelors degrees from Utah State University, one in Agribusiness, and one in general business, and two associates degrees; one in animal science, the other in beef production management. He has worked most of his life as a rancher on big ranches in Florida and in Nebraska. He is also skilled as a machinist. He loves to train horses and loves feeding and caring for the horses at Diamond Ranch Academy. Gary has a blue/white personality. He is very quiet, gentle and a hard worker. He quietly goes about his business, doing his job, and enjoys the students thoroughly. His reserved nature has kept him from being very adventurous, however his son just recently talked him into going zip lining. Gary loved it and was glad to spend the time with his son who just entered the Missionary Training Center to serve a two year LDS mission. Gary is very talented with his hands. He builds beautiful furniture and homes. One of his hobbies is remodeling homes and building frames for his wife’s art business.

Gary is a true outdoorsman. He never thought he would like the desert landscape of Southern Utah after living in various parts of the United States, and has been surprised how much he does enjoy it here. We are glad he loves it, because Gary has helped our equine therapy program grow and is a great asset here.

Gary’s supervisor Ephraim Hanks, made the following comments:

Gary is an integral part of the clinical team. He is dedicated and loyal and works hard to keep our Equine Program in top shape. The students love him and the horses have nothing but positive things to say! Thanks Gary for your hard work and dedication.

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