Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reeve Knighton Spotlight

Reeve Knighton is one of Diamond Ranch Academy’s veterans. He has been one of our core teachers for almost six years. He was raised in Leeds, Utah, and has stayed living in Southern Utah his whole life. He attended Dixie College and Southern Utah University to earn a Bachelors degree in teaching. He eventually completed his Master’s degree in Education Leadership. Reeve has certainly shown his educational leadership at Diamond Ranch Academy.

Reeve is a white/blue on the color code, but has equal amounts of yellow and red. What an all round guy! When working with the students, Reeve is very calm, he doesn’t get ruffled easily, he know how to joke, he is friendly and open, yet he can set boundaries, and smile while he is writing a citation. Reeve is very meticulous and does things a certain way, and extremely thorough. We found a very good man in Reeve and have benefited from his great work.

On his day off Reeve has spent most of his time working on his new home in Washington, Utah. He is married with 3 boys and 1 girl. They keep him pretty busy. He likes to relax and read books. He treasures his alone time when he can get it and enjoys sketching and doodling.

Reeve hopes to see Diamond Ranch Academy grow and expand its capabilities, so he can grow right along with them. He wants to excel as an educational leader and is hoping Diamond Ranch will continue to be the place where he can.

Reeve’s supervisor had the following comments: Reeve Knighton is a one of a kind individual. Reeve originally started at DRA as a our History Teacher. It we was quickly recognized that he had a gift for reaching students that had unique academic challenges. Reeve took on additional education and obtained his licensure in Special Education and has become an integral part of the Special Education services provided by DRA. Reeve always talks about his students with true interest and compassion as he strives to make a difference with the students that he works with. Reeve is on a continual quest for excellence in both his professional and personal life. I can say that I am a better person for knowing Reeve and it has been my priviledge to work side by side him for the last several years.

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