Friday, December 11, 2009

Mckel Abbott Spotlight

Mckel is part of Diamond Ranch Academy’s Youth Development Staff. She is a supervisor and has started Diamond Ranch Academy’s first cheerleading squad. She has loved this aspect of her job. When Mckel first started working with Diamond Ranch Academy’s girls, some of them knew nothing about cheerleading. After one month of good hard practice, the girls were able to cheer and do routines well enough to perform at the Diamond Ranch Academy football games. Mckel loves being a mentor and cheerleading coach to our students.

Mckel is a white/yellow personality. She said while working at Diamond Ranch Academy she uses her yellow to have fun with the students and can be laid back. She said she is so white that in order to keep the students structured she has to fake a red personality at times.

Mckel grew up in Hurricane and ran track and played soccer in high school. She does NOT like vegetables and her favorite treat is Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream. (It sounds like she is a health nut as well). Mckel has one very cute son named Koen, whom she loves to squeeze and hug during her time off.

Mckel loves working with the Diamond Ranch Academy students and hopes to continue this line of work in the future. Her supervisor made the following comments about Mckel: Mckel has been employed with Diamond Ranch for over a year. Since she is a white personality she is very calm in all situations and is able to be objective when dealing with issues. She loves her job and being able to see the changes in the students. She is always willing to put in extra time to make sure that the girl’s campus is running smooth. She takes the extra time to talk to the students and help them understand what changes they need to make in order to be successful. Diamond Ranch is lucky to have Mckel working with the youth.