Friday, July 30, 2010

Michelle Drake

Michelle Drake is a Medical Technician for Diamond Ranch Academy. Without our medical staff, Diamond Ranch Academy could not run properly. Michelle graduated from Mohave Community College and while going to college worked as a Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA), and Medical Assistant. She has had work experience in pediatrics, urgent care, OB/GYN orthopedics, podiatry (which we need for the boys on the football team), and as CNA for the Beehive Homes Alzheimer’s House. She has also had her own business as a daycare/preschool provider.

Michelle is originally from Salt Lake City and has lived in LaVerkin, Utah for 9 years. She really enjoys working in the medical field, especially with kids. Michelle has tried all aspects of the medical field from front and back office work, to billing and medical records. She loves to learn and try new things. She has a 97 year old friend that she used to take meals to because she wants to help him in any way. Her philosophy in life is “Let go, let God”and“This Too Shall Pass.”

Michelle enjoys getting to know the students and learning from them. She enjoys the staff at Diamond Ranch Academy and thinks everyone is very friendly. Michelle says she is learning a lot from her work at the Ranch and feels it’s great to go home after a long day and feel like she’s been a help to others.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Joe and Jen Demke

This week’s spotlights come from our husband and wife team.  Joe Demke works for the boy’s campus and Jen Demke works for the girl’s campus at Diamond Ranch Academy.  Each has enjoyed working with the students and finds joy in seeing a change in them.

Joe is a white/yellow personality.  He says while working at Diamond Ranch Academy his qualities help him to understand where the “white” students are coming from and he feels he is great at handing challenging students.  He feels that working at Diamond Ranch Academy brings a new challenge every day.  Even if the job is the same, each day brings about a new situation which helps him gain an all round perspective. 

Joe grew up in St. George, Utah.  He said he didn’t do much with his life until he met his beautiful wife Jen, which helped him “step up”.  Joe loves to play games, go to movies, camp, and hike.  He especially loves bike riding with his wife.  Joe met his wife Jen through some mutual friends.  They’ve known each other for three years and have been married for a year and a half.  They are trying together to make the perfect pizza.  Eventually they would like to open up a pizza parlor together because they love people, love cooking, and love pizza!

Joe’s supervisor, Travis Bentley had the following comments:
I've just recently transitioned back to nights, and haven't supervised Joe for very long. However, in that short amount of time I've been very impressed with Joe. He works very well with the youth he is supervising and is very professional. Probably the best compliment I could give Joe is that I never have to worry about what is going on in Joe's dorm. He always has things under control and the kids enjoy being in his family. Joe is a hard worker and is constantly improving himself as a Head Youth Development Staff. We are very fortunate to have Joe as an employee at Diamond Ranch.
Jen Demke has worked for Diamond Ranch Academy before as a homeless staff.  She came to us fresh out of college from Brigham Young University/Idaho with a Bachelors degree in Communications.  She felt working with the students would be a great career.  Jen took some time off and found that she missed working with our students, and later returned to work on the girl’s campus.  She enjoys Diamond Ranch Academy and the way they help them make better choices, and show them a better way to live.  Jen loves to see the transition in students that come to Diamond Ranch Academy and being a part of transition.  She said, “It helps her to be a better person.” 

Jen is a blue/white personality.  She has compassion while understanding the meaning of tough love and her blue helps her understand the big picture. She loves cooking, bike riding, and photography.  She is the kind of person who loves adventure and rediscovering old adventures.  Opening a pizza parlor with her husband Joe, might be a new adventure, and also an old adventure as they continue to try to achieve the “perfect pizza”. Look out for the Demke’s, Pizza Hut!

Jen’s supervisor had the following comments:
 Jen is very passionate about her work.  She is always looking for ways that she can improve and takes advice very well.  She truly cares about the girls and the progress that they are making.  She wants to help these girls make changes so they can have healthy lives.