Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Doug Heideman

Doug Heideman has been at Diamond Ranch Academy for 4 ½ years.  He is our History teacher.  Doug has proven his worth over the years and said he is happy to come to work each day.  The students give him motivation to keep working and he gets much satisfaction in seeing the students change their lives around.  Doug started out teaching, moved to retail for years, then back to teaching.  He feels he has a real knack for teaching and motivating students.  He feels working at Diamond Ranch Academy is an excellent place to work with a great philosophy and feels our company comes out on top for helping students with all different backgrounds.

Doug has lived all over Utah.  He has taken his wife of 38 years and his 4 children to places such as Orem, Salt Lake City, and Price.  They have lived in Hurricane for 15 years where Doug worked in the retail industry.  Doug bought a business distributorship and distributed Little Debbie Cookies, and Mission Tortillas.  He has a degree from BYU in psychology and went back later to get his teaching certificate.  Doug is a real advocate of education and of his 3 boys, one is an attorney, a dentist, and one studying to be a Physicians Assistant.  His girl is one year away from completing her degree in exercise science. 

Doug’s hobbies are doing things in the outdoors.  He loves to hunt, and fish.  He has a caribou hanging on the wall of his home and said his wife actually likes it.  He has had the opportunity to hunt Russian Boar and collects all types of guns, ammunition, rifles, and pistols. 

Doug and his son were fishing halibut in Alaska and found that no matter what boat his group was on, they were the most successful out of the group.  One day he was eating a banana on the boat and the captain grabbed the banana, chucked it out of the boat and told Doug that bananas were bad luck on a fishing trip.  It was hard to believe so Doug and his sons made a joke out it.  They left a case of bananas on the boat for a practical joke, only to find the next morning after a huge storm, all the other fishing boats were fine, but the one with the case of bananas on it was lifted 50 feet out of the water and on to the shore.  When the captain found out about this, he followed Doug and company all the way to the airport.  Doug has had many laughs about this incident. 

We are fortunate to have Doug as one of our teachers and find his humor, and life’s experiences really help our students at Diamond Ranch Academy.

Doug’s supervisor had the following comments:

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  1. Mr. Doug! he was my all time favorite teacher out of everyone i had he always made my day better and motivated me to focus on my goals and move up in levels!