Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ephraim Hanks

Not many save our students at Diamond Ranch Academy and a few others have heard the music styling’s of our very own Clinical Director, Ephraim Hanks. In the 1980’s Ephraim sported a mullet, sang in a band, and played the guitar. Today, although his hair is a little more reserved, he still loves all kinds of big hair 80’s bands and continues to write his own music, sing, and play the guitar.

Ephraim was born in Hawaii, where his father was an Institute instructor at the University of Hawaii. His family later moved to Pleasant Grove, and eventually Hurricane, Utah, where he attended high school. Ephraim served an LDS mission to Sydney, Australia. Upon his return home he pursued a Bachelors degree at Utah Valley University in Psychology. He was employed at the Provo Canyon Boys School for six years as a front line staff. He has had hands on experience with struggling teens, and is completed invested in the students. He met his wife Megan while living in Provo. Together they have three cute little boys.

Ephraim and his wife moved to the University of Louisville to obtain a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Ephraim’s first career job was as a school counselor at a Catholic school in Louisville. He also had his own private practice. Ephraim’s move back west brought him to Diamond Ranch Academy; he has been here since 2006. He is a white/blue personality. Ephraim is calm, level headed, and really takes things in stride. He is devoted to the students and their successes. He loves them and enjoys working at Diamond Ranch Academy. Ephraim first love is working with people, his second, is eating meat. He is an excellent director with a skill for leading the clinical team.

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