Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Awesome Team, Dan and Stari Borchardt

Dan Borchardt is an integral part of the Diamond Ranch Academy Team. He is on our Admissions crew as the Admissions Coordinator. His educational background and experience at Diamond Ranch have been instrumental in helping our program succeed.

Dan grew up a Florida boy, who wrestled alligators, surfed, scuba dived, fished, and soaked up the tropical sun. He had no thoughts in his mind to move to the hot desert. After meeting Ricky Dias while serving an LDS mission in Poland, he decided to give it a try. Ricky introduced him to Diamond Ranch Academy and also to Ricky’s little sister, Stari. Dan fell in love with both and firmly set his foot in the red dirt of Hurricane, Utah. He married Stari, and they have two beautiful boys, named, Ryan, and Titan.

While pursuing his education, Dan has had experience as one of our youth development staff, as well as the Observation and Assessment Supervisor (O&A), where Shane Johnson currently works. He completed his Bachelors degree in business and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Southern Utah University. He believes that knowledge is power.

Dan is a red/blue personality, which helps him stay objective in his position, while also working hard. He is trying to constantly better himself, create lasting personal relationships with the DRA staff and his family. He feels DRA has a great program and plans on staying with us to help it grow and progress.

In his spare time, Dan loves the outdoors, including, camping, fishing, and all types of water sports. He also enjoys fixing cars. Dan is a hard worker with the best of Diamond Ranch in mind.

On to Dan's better half!

The style, look, and flare of the students at Diamond Ranch Academy are originated from our in house hairstylist ….Stari Borchardt! One of the first experiences students receive when coming to Diamond Ranch Academy is a supreme hair cut from Stari. She said that some hair cuts are more welcome than others. Her white/blue personality really helps in the “not so willing” customers. Stari has a way to remain calm and collected during stressful situations. She does not get upset or intimidated, simply acts professional and continues to do her magic. Each student looks very well groomed and clean cut when they leave her chair. She also owns her own business called “Stari Style”, where other stylists can rent space from her to do hair.

Her latest “Stari Stylings” were seen on the cheerleading squad at the last DRA game against Duchene High School. She took the time to curl and style each of the girls’ hair. They looked so amazing!

Stari is married to Dan Borchardt who is also one of the first faces parents and students see when considering DRA as a school choice. Together Stari and Dan have two beautiful boys and just found out they are expecting another one this coming spring. Stari said her first priority in her life is her boys. She loves being a mother and is very hands on, she loves playing any sport with her boys.

Stari was a star soccer player at Dixie State College. She is quick and skillful. She loves to spend time with her husband riding motorcycles, or just having fun.

It takes all types of skill sets to make Diamond Ranch Academy the great place that it has become. Thanks Stari!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Taunie Carter

Taunie Carter has worked for Diamond Ranch Academy on and off since 2007. Her greatest perk of the job is learning great life skills. Taunie is a C-Shift Supervisor over the girl’s campus. She absolutely loves working with our students and feels the skill set she is gaining from her job is helping her with not only her work, but her family life as well.

Off the job site, Taunie is a mother to a cute little two year old named, Khole. She is expecting a baby boy in December. She and her husband are planning on naming him Kyle “Krue” Carter. Taunie has had extra work from home the past three months as her husband of 4 ½ years, is serving in the military. He is attending “Major” training in Georgia and will be there until March 2012.

Taunie is a red personality, which helps her to accomplish things and keep a logical perspective, especially managing her time while her husband is away. She has a real presence to be a leader. Taunie has put herself through school and received training from Taylor Andrew’s School of Hair. She works on the side at Escape Hair and Body to help support her family.

Taunie enjoys her career at DRA as well as her talent of doing hair. In her not-so-spare time she loves to take her daughter to anything that involves water. You will find them at the splash pad on a hot Southern Utah day.

Taunie was nominated as “Employee of the Month”, this last February and continues to show her devotion and loyalty to the success of the students at DRA.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brigham McLaws

Brigham McLaws is the Stone Ridge Campus Director, he has been with Diamond Ranch Academy for 4 ½ years. Brigham said he has learned more about himself and about people in general, while working at DRA, than he has in the 10 years before working at the ranch.
Brigham loves to help the students grow and to see the changes they can make not only with themselves, but with their family and friends. Brigham feels like working at DRA is similar to being a part of a family. He really enjoys the people he works with.

Brigham has completed two years of college and is currently working toward his Bachelors in Business management. He is extremely interested in studying people’s body language and will be attending a national workshop to be trained by FBI and body language experts.
Some activities outside of DRA include basketball. Brigham thinks basketball is the best sport on the earth. He coaches DRA’s student basketball team and loves it. He also loves to re-finish antique furniture or the opposite, make new furniture look antique.
Brigham has a great work ethic. He was born and raised in Southern Utah. During Brigham’s entire High School career he used to milk 25 cows every morning before going to school. Brigham has a wonderful wife, Natalie, and 3 beautiful children Daxton Ryder-10, Kaleb Bridger-8, and the precious miss Chloe Ann-5. They are the loves of his life and what keeps him going each day!

Brigham is a great asset to DRA! He is excellent with the students and a wonderful team-player.