Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brigham McLaws

Brigham McLaws is the Stone Ridge Campus Director, he has been with Diamond Ranch Academy for 4 ½ years. Brigham said he has learned more about himself and about people in general, while working at DRA, than he has in the 10 years before working at the ranch.
Brigham loves to help the students grow and to see the changes they can make not only with themselves, but with their family and friends. Brigham feels like working at DRA is similar to being a part of a family. He really enjoys the people he works with.

Brigham has completed two years of college and is currently working toward his Bachelors in Business management. He is extremely interested in studying people’s body language and will be attending a national workshop to be trained by FBI and body language experts.
Some activities outside of DRA include basketball. Brigham thinks basketball is the best sport on the earth. He coaches DRA’s student basketball team and loves it. He also loves to re-finish antique furniture or the opposite, make new furniture look antique.
Brigham has a great work ethic. He was born and raised in Southern Utah. During Brigham’s entire High School career he used to milk 25 cows every morning before going to school. Brigham has a wonderful wife, Natalie, and 3 beautiful children Daxton Ryder-10, Kaleb Bridger-8, and the precious miss Chloe Ann-5. They are the loves of his life and what keeps him going each day!

Brigham is a great asset to DRA! He is excellent with the students and a wonderful team-player.

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