Friday, June 15, 2012

Becky Phillips

Becky Phillips adds a female touch to the clinical team here at Diamond Ranch Academy. She enjoys working with the many talented professionals on the DRA team.

Becky hails from San Diego, California, and she has also lived in Seattle, Washington, the Bay Area, California and Salt Lake City, Utah. She misses being near the ocean, but has come to love the beauty of the high desert.

Becky began her college career at Brigham Young University, majoring in Musical Theater. She put her college pursuits aside to raise a family of six children-five sons and one daughter. She then returned to college to pursue her passion for helping others with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Utah State University (go Aggies!) and Master in Social Work from the University of Utah (go Utes!) Becky was thrilled to be honored with the Sharon Goodwill Memorial Award for Achievement and Promise in Mental Health from the U of U College of Social Work. She is also licensed as a Therapeutic Recreation Technician. It was a longtime goal for Becky to achieve her LCSW and she is so grateful to her wonderful husband, Mark, for his years of love and support while she pursued her dream.

Becky is a blue/white personality. She is passionate about wanting to connect with others and be a support to help those who are struggling to learn and grow and better their lives. Her students know that she holds them to a high standard and will be their biggest cheerleader when they accomplish their goals and have success. Students often tell her she must be a red, but she actually has no red in her personality at all! She may appear quiet, but lets her little bits of yellow peak through when you least expect it.

Becky and Mark love living in Southern Utah where so many wonderful activities, including skiing, hiking, fishing, trap shooting, camping and more, are all close by. Becky enjoys many genres of music as well as reading, cross-stitching, playing the piano, painting and making and collecting dolls. She also loves to collect quirky and interesting objects for her students to enjoy in her office. Becky prefers the mic when it’s time to play Beatles’ Rock Band, and she loves a good game night with friends or family. Besides their children, Mark and Becky are the proud parents of a highly energetic Maltese and a very talkative African Gray parrot.