Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emily Farnworth

Emily Farnworth has been at Diamond Ranch for 4 1/2 months as our Night-Time Administrative Assistant. She helps out with processing the student mail and Home Commissary. Emily  was born and raised in Idaho. She is one of eight children.  She has lived in Brazil for eighteen months, and loves the food, people, and language of Brazil.  She and her husband, JD, have been married for 9 months and are loving the newlywed stage of life. JD also works at DRA as a Night Watch Staff. They love to travel together, camp, and go on long road trips.

 Emily’s is a white personality, with yellow in close second according to the Taylor Hartman personality profile.  At work, her white strengths help her to stay calm in stressful situations,  go with the flow, and easily adjust to unexpected changes.  Her yellow side helps her to enjoy her work and have fun whatever she’s doing.  

Here are a few thoughts from Emily about DRA:
“I have always enjoyed working at DRA since I started, but until I attended a Parent Workshop 101 I  hadn’t really understood the magnitude of what I was a part of.  I had always assumed what we do is all about the kids here at the ranch, but in meeting the parents and hearing their stories I learned that parents and siblings are healing and growing and changing as much as our students here. My favorite thing to see working at DRA is families getting stronger.”